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Rogers Hornsby

Major League Register

Yrs. G AB H 2b 3b HR
23 2,259 8,173 2,930 541 169 301
1,584 ,1579 1,038 679 135 .358 .577

Player Biography: 
The brash and outspoken Rogers Hornsby recorded the highest batting average of the 20th century. In 1924, while playing with the 65-89 St. Louis Cardinals, he batted .424.  In fact, he hit in all but 22 of the 143 games he played in the magical season. Early in his career, Hornsby played shortstop and third base. In 1920, he moved to second base and remained at that position throughout most of his career. A contract dispute after the 1926 World Championship season led to Hornsby being traded to the New York Giants in exchange for Frankie Frisch and Jimmy Ring. His outspoken demeanor led him to be dealt again in 1928 to the Boston Braves.  The man who prided himself on his perfect eyesight, batted over .300 fifteen of the first seventeen seasons he played, including three seasons over the .400 mark.  The last thirteen seasons of his career, Hornsby was player/manager for the teams he played on. The final 6 years he compiled only 258 at bats and was primarily manager.  Through all his trials and tribulations, Hornsby compiled a lifetime average of .358, second only to Ty Cobb,  and is still considered the best right handed hitter to ever play the game.

St. Louis Cardinals 1915-1926, 1933
New York Giants 1927
Boston Braves 1928
Chicago Cubs 1929-1932
St. Louis Browns 1933-1937

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