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Babe Ruth

Major League Register

Yrs. G AB H 2b 3b HR
22 2,503 8,399 2,873 506 136 714
2,211 2,174 2,056 1,330 123 .342 .690

Player Biography: 
Babe Ruth began his career as a pitcher with the Boston Red Sox on July 11, 1914. Over the next five and half seasons, he compiled an 89-46 pitching record.  During the off-season of 1919,  the financially troubled Red Sox 'sold' Ruth to the New York Yankees for $125,000 cash and a $300,000 loan to Red Sox owner Harry Frazee.  Ruth helped launch the Yankee dynasty of the 1920's as they appeared in 7 of the decade's World Series. The Red Sox, after making 3 World Series appearances with Ruth, would not see post-season play for nearly 30 years. After effectively starting in the outfield on off days from pitching in 1919, Ruth became a full time outfielder in his first season as a Yankee.   In 1920, Ruth hit an unheard of 54 home runs. This was more home runs than any other American League club hit that season. He also set a major league mark that stands to this day with an .847 Slugging Percentage.  Ruth again set a home run record in 1927 by clubbing 60, a record which stood until 1961. After the 1934 season, Ruth wanted to manage the Yankees. The team felt the flamboyant Ruth couldn't manage his own affairs and offered him only a minor league managerial position which he turned down. The Yankees then released the aging Ruth and the Boston Braves took him on board as vice president, assistant manager/player. A midseason injury forced Ruth to retire in 1935. A week before his retirement, he hit 3 home runs in one game at Forbes Field.  The Babe never got his chance at manager, only a coaching position with the Dodgers in 1938.  George Herman Ruth was stricken with throat cancer and passed August 16, 1948 in New York. He remains in many eyes as the greatest sports figure of all time.

Boston Red Sox 1914-1919
New York Yankees 1920-1934
Boston Braves 1935

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