Baker Bowl

Location First Game Last Game Demolished
Philadelphia, PA 1887 1938 1950
Part of a commercial area, with a marker to remind us that baseball once flourished there.

General Info

info The Philadelphia & Reading Railroad tunnel ran beneath the park.
info A hitter's dream: 280 feet down the right field line, 315 in right center power alley. The other dimensions were typical for the lifetime of the park.
info First stadium used for dual sports as the NFL Philadelphia Eagles used the facility from 1933-1935.
1895 Park was rebuilt after the wooden structure had burned to the ground.
1903 August 6: Third base stands collapse, killing 11 people and injuring more than 200.
1916 October 2: Grover Cleveland Alexander 3 hits the Braves and records his 16th shutout of the season, a record that still stands today.
1922 June 12: The St. Louis Cardinals get a record tying 10 hits in a row in the 6th inning and beat the Phillies 14-8.
1923 June 1: The New York Giants score runs in all 9 innings and bomb the Phillies 22-5.
1929 July 6: The St. Louis Cardinals crush the Phillies 28-6 as the Redbirds get 28 Hits and 9 walks. Jim Bottomley and Chick Hafey each have grand slam home runs.
1929 July 10: The Pirates outslug the Phillies 15-9. The cozy ballpark allows a total of 9 homers, 5 by the Pirates and 4 by the Phillies. Each of the 9 innings witnesses a home run.
1935 May 30: In the first game of a doubleheader, Babe Ruth, now with the Boston Braves, makes his final appearance of his career in a game against the Phillies. He injures his knee in the first inning and leaves the game. Two days later he announces his retirement.
1938 April 19: Opening Day at the park sees Brooklyn outfielder Ernie Koy hit a home run in his first major league at bat. Not to be outdone, Phillies second baseman Emmett Mueller hits a home run in the bottom of the first, in his first major league at bat.
1938 June 30: Last game played here in front of only 1,500 spectators as the Giants pounded the Phillies 14-1.

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