Baseball's Worst Trades

From time to time, the game of baseball has seen some player trades that at the time, did not look too bad from the standpoint of the teams involved. However, as the games and seasons forged on, this all changed as one team clearly got the best of another team.   Below is a list of some of the more outrageous trades and what all the players accomplished after these now unforgettable trades.


Main Participants in Trade
1964 Lou Brock -  Ernie Broglio & Bobby Shantz
1971 Nolan Ryan - Jim Fregosi
1972 Steve Carlton - Rick Wise
1982 Ryne Sandberg - Ivan DeJesus
1900 Christy Mathewson - Amos Rusie
1951 Lew Burdette - Johnny Sain
1903 Mordecai Brown - Jack Taylor
1966 Fergie Jenkins - Larry Jackson & Bob Buhl
1965 Frank Robinson - Milt Pappas
1981 Willie McGee - Bob Sykes
1987 John Smoltz - Doyle Alexander
1971 Gaylord Perry - Sam McDowell