Nolan Ryan Switches Coasts

December 10, 1971

California Angels GET In what has to be one of the most lopsided trades ever, the Angels literally stole Nolan Ryan from the Mets who in fairness were stocked with good pitching at the time. The Angels scarfed up 4 players for veteran shortstop Jim Fregosi, whose best years were behind him. Ryan went on to become one of the more remarkable players in the history of the game. 
Nolan Ryan, P
Don Rose, P
Francisco Estrada, C
Leroy Stanton, OF
New York Mets GET
Jim Fregosi, ss

Career info AFTER the trade

Nolan Ryan

Appears in only 702 more games and wins only 295 more games, strikes out only 5,221 more batters in 4,800 plus innings. Played 22 more years and threw a mere 7 no hitters for 3 teams.

Don Rose

Pitched in 18 more major league games, 1-4 record

Francisco Estrada

Never put on another big league uniform. Career consisted of 1 game played, 2 at bats and 1 hit, a single.

Leroy Stanton

Played 5 years with Angels, expansion Mariners pick him up for 2 more years. Hits 77 homers, 317 RBI's after the trade.

 Jim Fregosi

Season averages after trade as follows: .232, .253, .261, .262, .233, .274, .200. Produces 36 more homers, 143 runs scored and 5 stolen bases in 473 ballgames. Footnote: Fregosi shipped to Texas Rangers in summer of 1973, missed out on '73 Mets World Series run.


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