Future Plans for daveyball.com

The Men of Yesterday
We'll take a look back at more than 100  great men that shaped the grand game of baseball. See the players, umpires, managers and the brass that made baseball their stage. Focusing mostly on the era before World War II, we'll get a look at the game and the faces as it was back in their time.
Scores: The Dead-ball Era
Before greats like Ruth, Foxx and Gehrig were pounding out home runs in the 20's and 30's, there was an era before that known as the dead-ball era. The ball wasn't as lively, but the play was just as fascinating. The era is generally considered from 1901-1919.  Players like Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner and pitchers like Cy Young and Christy Mathewson gave roots to the game during this period. Let's check out the scores (and maybe even some highlights) of games played back then.
Batter vs. Pitcher Simulator
Who would win this battle? 1921 Babe Ruth  with the monster numbers he had head to head against 1963 Sandy Koufax with his obscene numbers. The future addition will allow these types of fantasy match-ups. There will be some featured players, past and present and their season statistics. Hit the MATCHUP button and the simulator will kick out results based on my 'magical' formulas. You can also put in your own  players and necessary statistics. Lots of fun for those who wonder what-if he would have hit against him, etc. 
Famous Baseball Quotes
This section will contain some of the more amusing quotes uttered by the people involved with the game of baseball. We've all heard, "It ain't over 'til it's over". Who said it?  This section will provide the answer and will include numerous  others that may or may not ring a bell, but nevertheless made baseball special.
25 Greatest Players
This section will contain my top 25 greatest players of all time, being as unbiased as possible.  Strictly opinion, will have comments and explanations as to why guys are where they are. May do pitchers as well.
Short Stories Section
Read a short passage about some of the games more interesting and unusual moments in the game of baseball. Some included will be:
- Gabby Hartnett's 'Homer in the Gloamin'
- Two baseball in play: Cubs vs. Cardinals 1959
- Worst team pitching performance in a game ever
Worst Baseball Trades of All-Time
How about starting with the Lou Brock trade of 1964. I'll cover why the trades occurred and what the players involved did the rest of their careers.
Voting Booth - Polls
Vote on various baseball related topics, such as if you believe Pete Rose belongs in the Hall of Fame.  
Picture Gallery
I will be posting a series of my favorite all time baseball images.  
Baseball Card Packs / Wrappers- Pictures
Look back at the packs of cards we've all opened, but ended up tossing the them in the trash. This will bring them back to life.  
Memorable Box Scores
See some of the most memorable box scores from the National Pastime with details about the game itself.  Just a few that will be included will be the following:
- The Red Sox 17 run inning in 1953 versus the Tigers
- Joe DiMaggio's 56 game hit streak ends in 1941
- Game 5 of the 1920 World Series - what a game
- Jackie Robinson, first time appearing in a box score