Welcome to my web site.

About this Site
This site is dedicated to the sport with the longest and richest history our country has to offer, the great game of Baseball. It is an informational site where baseball fans, young and old alike, can go back and learn about and embrace the great moments the game has offered the past 100 plus years. There is a strong bias with most of the information leaning towards the faces, places and events that existed in the baseball world before World War II. The Fun Facts and Firsts and Lasts sections offer a chronological look back at the memorable games and events that at one time actually took place on the baseball gardens. The 1901-1919 section will have the scores and brief game accounts of those games from that era. The Men of Yesteryear section looks back at many of the names and faces that were on baseballs stage prior to World War II. Many of the names will sound familiar, but we don't know much about them. A short bio and statistics will revive the players and individuals that helped shape the National Pastime. The Lost Parks section looks back at several of the ballparks that have fallen victim to the ball and bulldozer. Most of them have been demolished but they were the parks that hosted many of the greatest moments the game has seen.  There's some Trivia for you to try your hand at. Warm up with some easy ones, then take a swing at some pretty tough ones. I have some Cards for sale or trade posted here. In no way am I trying to make this sell my collection website. If you see anything of interest, e-mail me. There are more than a dozen other different sections you can check out as well, hopefully a little bit of something for all my visitors.

Why this site was created?
Who was Sam Crawford?  What ballpark became submerged under 21 feet of water in 1937? What was the final score of the Phillies/Giants game at the Polo Grounds on April 23, 1904? Who was the hitting star? The answers can all be found in this website presentation. Sure, most of all of the faces seen here have long succumbed to father time. This web site if nothing else will show their efforts were not in vain. All of the games and scores here have long been buried away and have become the compiled statistics we see when we open up the Baseball Encyclopedia. This website attempts to show those little fragments of information and who did them. By revisiting the past, we may even be able to appreciate what past generations of fans enjoyed about the Pastime. Sure the players are different, the ballyards are all new, but the game has remained remarkably the same in its delivery to us. The wild plays, colorful characters and tense 9th inning struggles have been part of the makeup of baseball for well over 100 years. So, letís keep the torch lit for all that came before us.

And Finally... 
This site has, and will be, continually under construction, with some minor additions here and there. Months may pass without many changes, then there may be a new section or two added or completed within a week.  The Whatís New page will keep track of noteworthy additions or updates to this site. The deadball scores/accounts and the The 'Men of Yesteryear' sections are sections I have a strong desire to complete or update when time permits.  Iím open to suggestions about content or errors here. Iíd also like feedback about the plusses or minuses about daveyball.com.