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April 2004
Deadball game accounts (1902 -- 68 games)
April - September 2003
Added Final Scores. 1902, 1903, 1904, 1907, 1908, 1912 complete.
November - December 2002
Added Deadball era game accounts (1907 -- 109 games)
August - October 2002
Added Deadball era game accounts (1904 -- 93 games)
July 2002
New Section: The Men of Yesteryear
New Section: Scores: The Deadball Era
June 2002
Updated card sections / PSA
January - May  2002
Miscellaneous additions/deletions, maintenance
December 2001
Added a few memorable box scores.
November 2001
Added My Favorite Baseball Quotes
Added My Favorite Pictures (wip)
April - October 2001
Miscellaneous additions/deletions; maintenance
March 2001
Added Cy Young Award Winners
Added some memorable Box Scores
February 2001
Added Yearly Summaries 1901-1909 and 1910-1919
January 2001
Added World Series Highlights 1951-1975
Posted Rookie of the Year Award - AL
Added new feature: Yearly Summaries 1920-1929
Added some memorable box scores.
December 2000
Added Baseball's Worst Trades section
Added NL & AL MVP Awards
Added Memorable Box Scores section
Polo Grounds facts added.
November 2000
Added Poll: Should Pete Rose be in the Hall of Fame?
Added Famous Baseball Quotes section.
October 2000
Added World Series Highlights 1903-1925
Added World Series Highlights 1926-1950
Trivia Lot #008 added.
League Park facts added.
Baker Bowl facts added.
Added Short Stories section
September 2000
Wrigley Field facts added.
New Section: Baseball Heroes
Added Baseball Card Wrappers: Today and Yesterday
Trivia Lot #007 added.
Added FIRSTS/LASTS section (finally)
Added several cards for sale.
August 2000
Added "Current Favorite Player" Poll (I voted)
Trivia Lot #006 added.
My Favorite: Current Players - posted
July 2000 - Site Online
Fun Facts competed for:1901-1989
Search feature for Fun Facts
6 Stadiums complete.
5 Trivia lots to play.
'On This Date' in baseball history link now available.